Here it is “MY” Top 16 of 2016. Keep in mind these are in no specific order as I believe every one of these bands and more deserve major recognition!!! I look forward to 2017!!! DOOM ON!!!
Vokonis -Olde one Ascending
Sourvein -Aquatic Occult
Crowbar -The Serpent Only Lies
Holy Grove -Holy Grove
Brimstone Coven -Black Magic
Elephant Tree -Elephant Tree
Wo Fat – Midnight Cometh
Goatess -Pergatory Under New Management
Truckfighters -V
Khemmis -Hunted
Beastmaker -Lusus Naturae
Wretch -Wretch
Beelzefuzz -The Righteous Bloom
Brant Bjork -Tao of the Devil
Wasted Theory -Defenders of the Riff
Foghound-The World Unseen

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