Our Story

Everything has a beginning, and "THE DOOM CELLAR" is no different. Before The Doom Cellar there was MHXRADIO, an online heavy metal radio station. While there was no "DOOM" show we did play a lot of killer Doom music. That all changed when we got invited to take part in the "DAYS OF THE DOOMED FEST" in Milwaukee WI. We were brought in by Merciful Mike Smith to simulcast the entire fest to the world. On a balmy June afternoon in 2013, I walked in to what I can only describe as a "Wall of Sound". A band out of Houston TX named VENOMOUS MAXIMUS was on stage and I was floored. For the rest of the fest I continued to be blown away by such acts as; GORGANTHERON, IRON MAN, GATES OF SLUMBER,EARTHEN GRAVE,PALE DIVINE, VICTOR GRIFFIN'S INGRAVED, and A REAL COOL TRIPPY STONER BAND CALLED BEELZEFUZZ!!!! It was then and there I knew there had to be a show dedicated to DOOM metal!!!

So, "THE DOOM CELLAR" is born. Time to start building my library of music, which for the most part wasn't an easy task. You see,a majority of these bands are what is considered underground and access to their music was limited. So in steps Merciful Mike Smith, again, and he hooks me up with some cool tunes and starts getting me some interviews. First guest ever was Tony Spillman of EARTHEN GRAVE and now SPILLAGE. Next was ERIC WAGNER(TROUBLE,THE SKULL,BLACKFINGER). From that interview on I felt comfortable enough to say, YES, this is gonna be a kick ass show!!!

So,here we are a few years later,a couple hundred interviews done, befriended some killer people in killer bands, and a library containing thousands of songs, all because of one festival and some amazing bands. TO THIS I SAY.......WELCOME TO THE DOOM CELLAR!!! DOOM ON!!!

Meet the Team




I have been involved in music some shape or form since high school. My first internship was in '94 at 92.3 KSJO SanJose California. They didn't teach me much, but, I can make a wicked cup o' Joe. I lost interest and left. Fast forward 10 years and an opportunity was staring me in the face again in the form of talk radio. I joined "OPEN ROAD RADIO" and did stints at 105.9 WCKG, 95 WIIL ROCK,WKRS, 9FM AND A FEW SMALLER MARKETS. I was on that show till 2008. After another break 4 yrs later I got into it again on an internet radio station I'll just call the "Q", from there me and my brother from another, Ted "T-REX" Fabry started MHXRADIO, a kick ass online LIVE  heavy metal radio station. From there "THE DOOM CELLAR" evolved and here we are!!!!!!



My right hand,the one who puts up with all my shit LOL! She also is a lover of music and frequently adds to the show by finding some killer music for on air!!!